We are an architectural studio, which passionately deals with every single project. Together with you we follow our concept from the idea to the completion. You have questions, we find answers. We don't have a style – we have standards.


Architecture is a passion, a vocation, a calling – as well as a science and a business. It's a social art and an artful science. Architecture provides a sense of place and support of all types of human activity. It helps the man-made fit in harmony with the environment while promoting health and well-being, enriching lives aesthetically and spiritually, providing economic opportunities, and creating a legacy that reflects and symbolizes culture and traditions.


We understand architecture as both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Our rich experience from many other related fields helps us be successful.


Interior design for us is more than mere esthetics. It's about patiently finding creative design solutions for interior space while supporting health, safety and well-being of occupants and enhancing their quality of life.


For us exhibition design is the process of creation from a concept through to a physical, three-dimensional exhibition. We use a wide range of technologies and techniques to create different experiences.


In the field of design we combine the knowledge with esthetic vision and work with clients to develop solutions that are functional, safe, attractive and meet the needs of the people that use them.


The core of our work is based on the ability to percive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and generate solutions.


As architects we are trained to react to constantly changing parameters, while influencing and defining them at the same time. We constantly explore our role in the process.


We set for ourselves and folow short term and long term goals, working every day towards their achievement, taking careful steps to insure the final success. It is all about persistance and determination.


Dedication to perfection means doing everything within our power, putting lots of hard work into it, giving it all we can in order to accomplish it. We simply love our job.



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  • With this project architects Štok + Pretnar complement their professional expressive path with seductive duality of modern design - interlacing fine and robust. Concrete ceiling's reflection in the polished black piano's lid is an infallible sign of that effort. They created a house that regardless of certain homey elements maintains an aura of a splendid, orderly residence.
    Janja Brodar
    ("Black piano reflecting concrete", magazine HIŠE - apr 2013)
  • Who would have thought that a tired, introverted house with a neglected garden can be turned into such a magnificent villa, thought through the last detail and embellished with invigorating greenery. Everything has its place. One is at peace. Here one finds one's Zen in the midst of the city.
    Ana Ivančič
    ("Zen in the midst of the city", magazine HOME - dec 2012)
  • Harmony of materials, colors, textures and forms of all the selected furniture, light and application elements is an example of a holistic approach towards designing residential environments.
    Ana Struna Bregar
    ("Modern classics", magazine HOME - Mar 2009)
  • Everything intertwines and repeats itself / ... / as does the lead motif of the net pattern, all together creating a dreamlike apartment that resembles New York’s Upper East Side penthouses. For a moment one feels like being on the set of the Gossip girl series. The opulence of the most prestigious furniture pieces merges into the apartment styled into a minute detail, but still offering all the comfort of a home. It’s like a young lady knowing how to splendidly match top fashion designer pieces.
    Ana Ivančič
    ("Gossip Girl", magazine HOME - Mar 2012)
  • In one of his recent interviews a renowned contemporary designer Ronan Bouroullec stated: “I often get the chills when I flip through architectural magazines these days seeing all these cold spaces.” This time we present the exact opposite. Gold is the main theme of the apartment where classical forms are interpreted in a contemporary fashion. One can feel the harmony of materials, colors, textures and forms. Thoughtfully selected lighting and the right amount and composition of decorative elements being the highlight.
    Ana Struna Bregar
    ("Colorful riches", magazine Svet nepremičnin - Aug 2009)
  • According to the words of the architect the approach toward the interior design of an apartment differs in the very beginning regarding the type of the client / ... / A painter’s apartment should be full of sunlight, musician’s should be acoustical, engineer’s should be technologically advanced ... Modeling agency’s owner’s apartment should therefore respond to his “joie de vivre” lifestyle.
    Ana Struna Bregar
    ("Hedonism in Architecture", magazine Svet nepremičnin - Nov 2008)
  • Li Edelkoort, the lifestyle connoisseur and one of the most world renowned trend forecasters, has been warning for a long time of an end to fully open and cold minimalistically designed spaces. Apartments should be divided into safe islands of intimacy, into soft, sexy female boudoirs, and more robust male club spaces. Passing through these two domains makes living more interesting, more dramatic. In the featured apartment the male and female principle, hardness and softness interlace on every step of the way, creating an opulent entirety.
    Maja Vardjan
    ("Razor edge softness", magazine Ambient - Dec 2007)
  • A few years ago I've visited a Vienna exhibition of Toulouse-Lautrec's posters. Therefore I've visited the Cankarjev dom exhibition with even greater interest. I have to say, that the exhibition is excellently designed and one has to see it. It brings into life the atmosphere of Bohemian night life of Paris at the end of 19th Century. Praise to Cankarjev dom and the designers of the exhibition.
    Ana Železnik
    (deputy head of Cankarjev dom council)
  • Toulouse-Lautrec is recognizable through his splendid color drawing and unveiling of Parisian joie de vivre! The featured posters are an example of how the events were promoted at their time with utmost efficiency and creativity. The originality of Ljubljana exhibition's design and presentation of the precious exhibits shows that we lack events of this sort.
    Aleksander Bassin
    (museum councillor)